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  • 01-06-2023Summer Campaign 2023 - Summer Bliss
    From easy tablescapes that brighten up casual dinners with friends to outdoor decor that transforms your backyard into a serene oasis, embrace every moment with the ones you love, and enjoy the tranquility of summer to the fullest.

    We present Livia in the color Champagne Its elegant curvy silhouettes highlight the matte-speckled glaze and match perfectly with the mauve rose. A true inspiration to the senses.

  • 20-03-2023Spring Campaign 2023 - Forever · Iconic Collections
    This Spring, enjoy the warmer days and get inspired by some of Costa Nova’s most iconic collections, represented in classic shapes and glazes.

    Contemporary casual elegance

    Inspired by the Romantic period, the Rosa Collection flows with the reflection of love. The feminine cutouts and silhouettes create a sense of contemporary casual elegance, achieved by a manual process.
    The hand-painted rim and edges bring these classic elements to be reinterpreted through the eyes of the present. Pure and simple preserved memories leave us enchanted at every gathering.

  • 16-01-2023Winter Campaign 2023 - Sculpted for Longevity
    Discover our new recycled stoneware collection - Festa collection.
    A unique blend between the one-use forms of the past and ecological alternatives.

    A one-of-a-kind, eco-friendly and long-lasting collection. Showcase the raw and natural beauty of the earth through its splendor.

  • 20-12-20222023 Upcoming Tradeshows


    January 4 – 10, 2023

    June 21 – 27, 2023

    Goetz Inc. Trade Mark #2000


    January 10 – 16, 2023

    July 11 – 17, 2023

    Werner Frank #1208


    January 19 – 23, 2023

    September 7 – 11, 2023

    Hall 3 – Stand C4-D3


    January 29 – February 2, 2023

    July 30 – August 3, 2023

    Building C, Floor 1, C123


    February 3 – 7, 2023

    Hall 12.1, C40


    April 18 – 21, 2023

    October 10 – 13, 2023

    41 Madison NY, Floor 15


  • 09-11-2022Costa Nova won the Innovation Award at EquipHotel

    Costa Nova's beloved project Ecogres® won the Innovation Award in the Foodservice category. 

    By experiencing a meal served in a plate made of Ecogres, guests take part in our sustainable commitment. An important recognition standing out our daily effort for a greener future.

  • 04-11-2022Holiday Campaign 2022 - Togetherness
    The holiday season reminds us of the support of having company. After our last two years, now, more than ever, we reflect on this one-of-a-kind togetherness.

    Similarly, this cheer and wonder is beautifully seen in the gleaming stoneware on the table.

    As its name suggests, the Cristal collection is inspired by the rich patterns found in the most sublime crystal craftsmanship. This tactile and sophisticated collection stands out from the ordinary and makes an impressive appearance on the table.

    The glow of the Luzia collection is inspired by the “golden hour,” that time of day when the sun is almost touching the horizon and the light softens every color. This collection is both casual and sophisticated, and is guaranteed to be a charming choice for any modern table setting.

  • 10-09-2022Autumn Campaign 2022 - An emphasis on Nature
    Autumn’s natural beauty is preserved with warm hues of toasted orange, rich mocha, and deep reds in a palate that grounds us. Reflecting the same sublime features in nature can be easily emulated in the refined beauty found in the sustainability of the stoneware on the table.

    Have Autumn’s warm and vibrant colors give a natural and bright mood to your table with the captivating Riviera collection.

  • 20-06-2022Summer 2022 Campaign - Down to Earth

    Time to refocus. A summer about grounding.
    Summer is the best time to take a break and reconnect. Appreciate and value life’s simple pleasures.
    Enjoy the simplicity in every day by awakening senses such as calm and comfort.

    We introduce one of Costa Nova's new releases:
    The Livia Collection in the color Mauve Rose.
    Nested in elegance and curvy silhouettes, Livia presents itself as a modern approach to tableware.
    Each piece features an organic look and feel over a contrasting matte-speckled glaze in mauve-rose. Designed to inspire our senses, this complete collection has all the elements to enhance any gathering.
    Complete a unique dining experience by adding Costa Nova's made in Portugal flatwareglassware and table linens.

  • 29-03-2022Spring Campaign 2022 - Timelessly Fresh

    Timelessness is trend. Let it bloom.
    As Spring arrives, freshness and nature come to mind. The crave for new beginnings and new opportunities combined with an everlasting character that never goes out of style.

    We reintroduce one of Costa Nova's nature-inspired and timeless offerings: The Madeira Collection.

    Beautifully crafted to last a lifetime, Madeira (in its three colors) is perfect for any occasion. It is also the ideal choice for indoor and outdoor tablescapes. Madeira has staying power. It was not created to be temporary. It was never anything considered to be a trend.
    Complete a unique dining experience by adding Costa Nova's made in Portugal flatwareglassware and table linens.

  • 21-01-2022Winter Campaign 2022 - Longing for the past

    As we enter the Winter season, we long for the past. Nostalgia creates a window to good times passed.
    New, sustainable, stoneware classics inspired by traditional European elegance make the feeling tangible at every gathering. ​

    Re-introducing one of Costa Nova's most iconic, timeless offerings: The Pearl Collection.

    This reinvented stoneware collection honors the past, and celebrates high-quality craftsmanship.

    Complete a unique dining experience by adding Costa Nova's made-in Portugal flatware, glassware and table linens.

  • 17-01-2022COSTA NOVA launches new website for the hospitality sector The
    The renowned Portuguese tableware brand is proud to announce the launch of its new website dedicated to hotels, chefs, and restaurateurs.

    COSTA NOVA's primary goal with this website is to provide professionals a dedicated channel with more focus on the brand's hospitality world and its specific needs. Hotels, restaurants, cafés, and catering companies can find and quickly request a quote for COSTA NOVA's tabletop solutions that will address their every dining concept or tabletop presentation.

    "Speaking" the same language as the HoReCa professionals, the new website offers a clean, sophisticated design, easy navigation, and helpful tools. This allows visitors to find inspiration for their concept through evocative images of plating and decor.

    Features included on the website:
    • Wishlist which allows users to request quotes through a simple form quickly;
    • Product filters which will enable users to quickly narrow down the product portfolio by selecting key performance attributes, such as shape, size, capacity, color, and material;
    • Sensory experiences – a special menu where COSTA NOVA invites visitors to explore sensory experience suggestions for dining concepts and tabletop presentations;
    • Hotels and Restaurants where visitors can discover and be inspired by our existing customers who have chosen our products for their Tabletop solutions;
    • Blog - visitors to the new website can stay informed with the latest news, product arrivals, upcoming shows, trends, and more;
    • Brochures – this menu contains richer content such as technical information, catalogs, special features, and projects;
    • Rapid response functionality allows the site to be compatible with all browsers and mobile devices.

    “COSTA NOVA PROFESSIONAL: what an exciting innovator to the world of tabletop! The look of COSTA NOVA invites customers to dine with eclectic presentations of mixed items or full place settings within a single collection. An extensive product selection will give chefs ideas for their many menu creations. Costa Nova provides a much needed fresh look to hospitality.”, said Julia Peters, USA Hospitality Sales

    The launch of the COSTA NOVA PROFESSIONAL website aligns with the brand's vision for growth and expansion in the HoReCa industry. In addition, it reinforces the brand as a leader for unique tabletop solutions.

    Visit the site:
    Watch the presentation video

  • 23-12-2021Upcoming Trade Shows 2022


    March 11-14, 2022


    March 24-28, 2022
    September 8 – 12, 2022
    Hall 3 - Stands - D4 - E3


    July 6 - 8, 2022
    Tokyo Big Sight, Japan


    January 5 – 11, 2022
    June 22 – 28, 2022
    Goetz Inc. Trade Mark #2000


    January 11 – 18, 2022
    July, 12 – 18, 2022
    Werner Frank #1208


    January 23 – 27, 2022
    July 22 – 28, 2022


    April 5-8, 2022
    41 Madison NY
    Floor 15

  • 06-07-2021RODA collection featured in Ambiente Trends 2021

    Our signature collection Roda features in the tableware & kitchen accessories category of AMBIENTE TREND 2021 – RELATED TO NATURE.
    The trend brings us the necessary inspiration to create a thoughtful and mindful home, “with greater attention to detail, carefully selected materials and authentic products that whet our appetites for natural living.”
    Roda is a modern and elegant tableware collection that combines organic shapes and artfully glazed finishes. Like all our stoneware collections, Roda was carefully designed with sustainability in mind and a passion for authentic design and craftsmanship.

    Discover the collection here
    Read the full article here

  • 21-06-2021COSTA NOVA Professional - Upcoming Trade Shows


    September 09-13, 2021


    June 23-29, 2021
    Goetz Inc. Trade Mark #2000

    July 13 – 19, 2021
    Werner Frank Building 2 #1208

    Jan. 26 – 30, 2020
    August 22-26, 2021
    Costa Nova #C123


    September 23-27, 2021
    Booth number 6F58

    October 22-26, 2021


    July 21-22, 2021
    Miami Convention Center

    Oct. 5-8, 2021
    41 Madison NY
    Floor 15

  • 18-06-2021Summer Campaign 2021 - The Beauty of Life
    "Summer bliss"

    Rediscover the beauty of life. Take a moment to soak in the bliss of being alive. Enjoy the sun and the outdoor life and find ways to bring the fun in. Embracing the moments that make up our day-to-day lives is the key to finding the extraordinary in each day.

    This season COSTA NOVA unveils its organic-shaped collection BRISA - the epitome of Summer and the sea.

    The warm breeze that blows from the east and cascades along the Algarve coast with fruity aromas and the fresh flavors of Ria Formosa was the inspiration for this collection. The blended white and blue glazes and organic shapes transport us to the intricate landscape of lagoons, canals, salt works, and sandy beaches stretching across deserted islands. This collection adds lightto every gathering and turns any table into a memorable experience.

  • 18-03-2021Spring Campaign 2021 - A Personal Expression
    "Your home reflects your personality."

    Individualization is the key trend. Encouraging creativity through the search for one’s own personal expression. A home should reflect its owner's personality, his/her aesthetic sensibility.
    This Spring, COSTA NOVA unveils its new stoneware collection LIVIA.

    Nested in elegance and curvy silhouettes, Livia collection features a modern, handcrafted look and feel.
    The organic shapes are framed by two contrasting colors, a lustrous white and a matte black,melted together into a simple and sophisticated expression.

  • 15-01-2021Winter Campaign 2021 - A State of Calm

    Preparing our minds into a state of calm and comfort. 
    Calm comes from soft colors and clean modern shapes. Geometric and nature inspired patterns help to convey feeling of warmth and well-being.

    To embrace this mood, we found inspiration on new tableware collection AUGUSTA. 
    Sophisticated and inviting, the collection is ideal for an aesthetic and calming space. It presents a timeless balance set in natural colors, matte surfaces and strong rims.

  • 14-11-2020Holiday Campaign 2020 - All is calm, all is bright
    "At the table" is the place to be during the Holidays

    Christmas is a feeling… and we celebrate it at the table. Let it be merry and bright.


  • 10-09-2020Fall Campaign 2020 - There is beauty in all seasons
    And then, Autumn comes.
    There is beauty and poetry in the simple things… A table setting that welcome you in, like almost a hug.

    This Fall, COSTA NOVA unveils its new recycled stoneware collection LAGOA ECO GRES.
    Perfectly imperfect in shape and naturally tactile, Lagoa balances handcrafted artisanal elements with modern finishes.
    Contrasting glazes and textures... matte and dark grey on the exterior and white on the interior. The textured exterior adds a warm touch to this contemporary collection.

    Available online at and stores (Aveiro and Lisboa, Portugal).

    About ECO GRES®
    Sustainable Eco-friendly Tableware

    Eco- Gres® is a registered trademark of Grestel. Products under this label are guaranteed to be made of non-hazardous
    recycled materials, derived from ceramic surplus and other additives.

  • 18-06-2020Summer Campaign 2020 - Authentic Moments

    COSTA NOVA invites us to embrace Summer in all its beauty. To see it for all its colors. Taste its flavors. Breathe in its scents, trace its surfaces, listen to its sounds... To live life honestly... in its pure, authentic form.

    This campaign highlights NOVA, a unique collection that invites us to celebrate beauty in authentic cratmanship. To be inspired by the natural world and the cycle of live. To enjoy each moment as unique and unrepeatable. Like the natural elements, NOVA pieces possess the hability to change their appearance depending on the time of the day and angle of the light...
  • 24-03-2020LIFE, a gift from Mother Nature - Spring Campaign 2020

    Spring has bloom. 
    Now, more than ever is time to find beauty and wisdom in the small things. To seek inspiration. To use our time to love and be creative. To live. 
    Because LIFE is a GIFT from mother nature. 
    For this new season, we unveil our new colletion of #inspirebynature GIFT SETS. 
    Each set of these accent plates come with 4 different designs, meant for layering with other neutral tableware collections. 
    Unique, inspiring patterns to create a completely new look for each occasion.

    Fine stoneware. Made in Portugal. 
    Patterns available (set of 4 salad/dessert plates): Algarve, Lamego, Lisboa and Lomo.

  • 10-01-2020COSTA NOVA unveils its first recycled collection, PLANO
    Sourced from the surplus of our own factory production, PLANO is the first recycled collection by COSTA NOVA.
    All COSTA NOVA collections are produced with respect for nature - reusable and recyclable. PLANO goes even further ahead, telling a unique story of how tableware can be made of recycled materials, completely eco-friendly, while remaining beautiful and functional at the same time.
    PLANO presents a distinctive organic shape, combining rawness embodied in a clean, strong look. In a reminiscence of the old hand-turned studio pottery, these unique, high-quality manufactured pieces, are designed and curated to be part of unforgettable moments at the table.

    About Eco-Gres ®
    Eco- Gres® is a registered trademark of Grestel. Products under this label are guaranteed to be made of non-hazardous recycled materials, derived from ceramic surplus and other additives.
    All Eco-Gres® products are guaranteed to be food-safe, complying with the International Standards.

    In addition, Eco-Gres® is in line with the European directives 2006/12/CE and 2008/98/CE, oriented toward transforming the EU into a «recycling society». This trademark is a result of years of an internal investigation, in collaboration with a local university (Universidade de Aveiro), and the result is an upgraded (recycled) raw material that presents several advantages to the environment:
     Natural Resources Preservation – by the reduction in the extraction volume of natural raw materials;
     Energy Efficiency – reduced ecological footprint;
     Health and Safety –reduction of waste otherwise disposed of in a landfill

    The Process - Collect and Recycle
    Grestel sees its products and operations as part of a long-life cycle and is committed to taking better care of the community and of the world.
    In this commitment to sustainability, Grestel is developing a new raw material, by collecting, recycling and reusing clays and glazes from its own operations and other materials.
    The result is Eco-Gres®, a reinvented clay, made of recycled materials and completely eco-friendly.

    How is Eco-Gres® made
    The Eco-Gres® production process begins by collecting clay waste from our factory and combining it with other materials in order to stabilize the final composition.
    The recycled clay represents approximately 25% of all clay purchased from external suppliers. Finally, Eco-Gres® consists of 90% recycled materials and other substances.

    The process of converting these surpluses into Eco-Gres® involves a set of sequential steps:
    Mixing the products → sieve → homogenization & stabilization → sieve  filter-pressing → shredding → extrusion  shaping  drying  glazing  firing

    In the end, a homogeneous and flexible clay body is obtained, ready to be (re) used in Grestel’s production line.
    The whole process takes place within the same factory, also contributing to the reduction of our carbon footprint.

  • 10-01-2020COSTA NOVA professional - Messen und Veranstaltungen 2020
  • 10-01-2020COSTA NOVA professional - Messen und Veranstaltungen 2020
  • 17-06-2019COSTA NOVA professional - Messen und Veranstaltungen 2019
  • 08-05-2017Costa Nova Treffpunkte 2017 - USA





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