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  • 06-07-2021RODA collection featured in Ambiente Trends 2021

    Our signature collection Roda features in the tableware & kitchen accessories category of AMBIENTE TREND 2021 – RELATED TO NATURE.
    The trend brings us the necessary inspiration to create a thoughtful and mindful home, “with greater attention to detail, carefully selected materials and authentic products that whet our appetites for natural living.”
    Roda is a modern and elegant tableware collection that combines organic shapes and artfully glazed finishes. Like all our stoneware collections, Roda was carefully designed with sustainability in mind and a passion for authentic design and craftsmanship.

    Discover the collection here
    Read the full article here

  • 21-06-2021COSTA NOVA Professional - Upcoming Trade Shows


    September 09-13, 2021


    June 23-29, 2021
    Goetz Inc. Trade Mark #2000

    July 13 – 19, 2021
    Werner Frank Building 2 #1208

    Jan. 26 – 30, 2020
    August 22-26, 2021
    Costa Nova #C123


    September 23-27, 2021
    Booth number 6F58

    October 22-26, 2021


    July 21-22, 2021
    Miami Convention Center

    Oct. 5-8, 2021
    41 Madison NY
    Floor 15

  • 18-03-2021Spring Campaign 2021 - A Personal Expression
    "Your home reflects your personality."

    Individualization is the key trend. Encouraging creativity through the search for one’s own personal expression. A home should reflect its owner's personality, his/her aesthetic sensibility.
    This Spring, COSTA NOVA unveils its new stoneware collection LIVIA.

    Nested in elegance and curvy silhouettes, Livia collection features a modern, handcrafted look and feel.
    The organic shapes are framed by two contrasting colors, a lustrous white and a matte black,melted together into a simple and sophisticated expression.

  • 15-01-2021Winter Campaign 2021 - A State of Calm

    Preparing our minds into a state of calm and comfort. 
    Calm comes from soft colors and clean modern shapes. Geometric and nature inspired patterns help to convey feeling of warmth and well-being.

    To embrace this mood, we found inspiration on new tableware collection AUGUSTA. 
    Sophisticated and inviting, the collection is ideal for an aesthetic and calming space. It presents a timeless balance set in natural colors, matte surfaces and strong rims.

  • 10-09-2020Fall Campaign 2020 - There is beauty in all seasons
    And then, Autumn comes.
    There is beauty and poetry in the simple things… A table setting that welcome you in, like almost a hug.

    This Fall, COSTA NOVA unveils its new recycled stoneware collection LAGOA ECO GRES.
    Perfectly imperfect in shape and naturally tactile, Lagoa balances handcrafted artisanal elements with modern finishes.
    Contrasting glazes and textures... matte and dark grey on the exterior and white on the interior. The textured exterior adds a warm touch to this contemporary collection.

    Available online at and stores (Aveiro and Lisboa, Portugal).

    About ECO GRES®
    Sustainable Eco-friendly Tableware

    Eco- Gres® is a registered trademark of Grestel. Products under this label are guaranteed to be made of non-hazardous
    recycled materials, derived from ceramic surplus and other additives.

  • 18-06-2020Summer Campaign 2020 - Authentic Moments

    COSTA NOVA invites us to embrace Summer in all its beauty. To see it for all its colors. Taste its flavors. Breathe in its scents, trace its surfaces, listen to its sounds... To live life honestly... in its pure, authentic form.

    This campaign highlights NOVA, a unique collection that invites us to celebrate beauty in authentic cratmanship. To be inspired by the natural world and the cycle of live. To enjoy each moment as unique and unrepeatable. Like the natural elements, NOVA pieces possess the hability to change their appearance depending on the time of the day and angle of the light...
  • 24-03-2020LIFE, a gift from Mother Nature - Spring Campaign 2020

    Spring has bloom. 
    Now, more than ever is time to find beauty and wisdom in the small things. To seek inspiration. To use our time to love and be creative. To live. 
    Because LIFE is a GIFT from mother nature. 
    For this new season, we unveil our new colletion of #inspirebynature GIFT SETS. 
    Each set of these accent plates come with 4 different designs, meant for layering with other neutral tableware collections. 
    Unique, inspiring patterns to create a completely new look for each occasion.

    Fine stoneware. Made in Portugal. 
    Patterns available (set of 4 salad/dessert plates): Algarve, Lamego, Lisboa and Lomo.

  • 10-01-2020COSTA NOVA unveils its first recycled collection, PLANO
    Sourced from the surplus of our own factory production, PLANO is the first recycled collection by COSTA NOVA.
    All COSTA NOVA collections are produced with respect for nature - reusable and recyclable. PLANO goes even further ahead, telling a unique story of how tableware can be made of recycled materials, completely eco-friendly, while remaining beautiful and functional at the same time.
    PLANO presents a distinctive organic shape, combining rawness embodied in a clean, strong look. In a reminiscence of the old hand-turned studio pottery, these unique, high-quality manufactured pieces, are designed and curated to be part of unforgettable moments at the table.

    About Eco-Gres ® 
    Eco- Gres® is a registered trademark of Grestel. Products under this label are guaranteed to be made of non-hazardous recycled materials, derived from ceramic surplus and other additives.
    All Eco-Gres® products are guaranteed to be food-safe, complying with the International Standards.

    In addition, Eco-Gres® is in line with the European directives 2006/12/CE and 2008/98/CE, oriented toward transforming the EU into a «recycling society». This trademark is a result of years of an internal investigation, in collaboration with a local university (Universidade de Aveiro), and the result is an upgraded (recycled) raw material that presents several advantages to the environment:
     Natural Resources Preservation – by the reduction in the extraction volume of natural raw materials;
     Energy Efficiency – reduced ecological footprint;
     Health and Safety –reduction of waste otherwise disposed of in a landfill

    The Process - Collect and Recycle 
    Grestel sees its products and operations as part of a long-life cycle and is committed to taking better care of the community and of the world.
    In this commitment to sustainability, Grestel is developing a new raw material, by collecting, recycling and reusing clays and glazes from its own operations and other materials. 
    The result is Eco-Gres®, a reinvented clay, made of recycled materials and completely eco-friendly.

    How is Eco-Gres® made 
    The Eco-Gres® production process begins by collecting clay waste from our factory and combining it with other materials in order to stabilize the final composition. 
    The recycled clay represents approximately 25% of all clay purchased from external suppliers. Finally, Eco-Gres® consists of 90% recycled materials and other substances.

    The process of converting these surpluses into Eco-Gres® involves a set of sequential steps: 
    Mixing the products → sieve → homogenization & stabilization → sieve  filter-pressing → shredding → extrusion  shaping  drying  glazing  firing 
    In the end, a homogeneous and flexible clay body is obtained, ready to be (re) used in Grestel’s production line.
    The whole process takes place within the same factory, also contributing to the reduction of our carbon footprint.

  • 10-01-2020COSTA NOVA professional - Próximas Ferias 2020
  • 10-01-2020COSTA NOVA profesional - eventos 2020

    Jan. 17-21, 2020 
    September 4-8, 2020

    Feb. 7 – 11, 2020 
    Costa Nova Hall 4.1 – B16 



    June 15 - 18

    August 13 – 15

    August 5 – 8, 2020

    October 13 – 16, 2020

    Nov. 15 – 19, 2020

  • 12-11-2019Iconic Momentos - Holiday Season 2019 Campaign

    This Holiday Season, COSTA NOVA unveils the new campaign "Iconic Momentos - A season to remember".

    The table is the heart of the holiday season. Fill it with love, joy and elegant tableware. To create a magical and elegant holiday table, we find inspiration on LUZIA.
    The glow of the Luzia collection is inspired by the “golden hour,” that time of day when the sun is almost touching the horizon and the light softens every color. This collection is both casual and sophisticated, and is guaranteed to be a charming choice for any modern table setting or festive table.

    The collection is available online + our Lisbon and Aveiro Stores.

  • 17-06-2019COSTA NOVA profesional - próximas ferias y eventos 2019


    Sept. 6 – 10, 2019

    Hall 3 — Stand E34 / F33



    Sept. 11 – 13, 2019

    Maven (Asia) Limited — Hall C1, Stand 111

    THE HOTEL SHOW (DUBAI) — part of Middle East Design & Hospitality Week 2019

    Sept. 17 – 19, 2019

    Stand SS2D91

    Dubai World Trade Center


    Pav. 9 stand E04

    Oct. 18 — 22, 2019


  • 03-06-2019COSTA NOVA Summer Campaign 2019

    This Summer, COSTA NOVA unveils a new campaign. "SUMMER BREEZE – LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE" is inspired by the Summer lifestyle we all dream of: Summer is the time to slow down, to reconnect with nature and to live the best moments of our lives. Always surrounded by family and friends.

    This campaign highlights BRISA, a new tableware collection inspired by the warm breeze that blows from the east and imbues the Algarve coast with fruity aromas and the fresh flavors of Ria Formosa.

    The blended white and blue glazes and organic shapes transport us to the intricate landscape of lagoons, canals, salt works, and sandy beaches stretching across deserted islands.
    This collection adds light to every gathering and turns any table into a memorable experience.

  • 26-04-2019COSTA NOVA expone en la feria Hofex, en Hong Hong

    Más información aquí.
  • 11-04-2019COSTA NOVA launches campaign for Spring

    THE GARDEN – LIFE IN FULL BLOOM was the slogan chosen for the campaign, which reminds us of the arrival of Spring and all the sensations it awakens.

    "There is no better time than Spring. When life lives in everything and everywhere, including our home. We decorate our tables with flowers, put plants in our vases and let nature alive."

    The campaign matches with the launch of the new collection of decorative pieces LE JARDIN, designed in partnership with the French floral designer Christian Tortu. This is the first COSTA NOVA collection composed exclusively of decorative pieces, an eclectic mix of original silhouettes and glazes capable of surprising decorative effects, with or without flowers.

    At the same time, COSTA NOVA launched the new color sand grey to our NOVA collection, one of the best-selling collections, now available in four colors.

    All the products are already available online and in stores (Lisboa and Aveiro, Portugal).

  • 05-02-2019COSTA NOVA announces two signature-collections for the hospitality sector at Ambiente, in Frankfurt

    The Portuguese brand of fine stoneware, recognized throughout the Retail sector for the quality of its tableware and accessories, begins the year 2019 with the aim of increasing its presence in the hospitality industry through the introduction of two exclusive collections for this market.

    Developed in partnership with renowned German Designer Carsten Gollnick, NOTOS is a tableware collection designed exclusively for professionals in the hospitality sector, inspired by the remarkable color contrasts and structures of the Portuguese Atlantic coast. Textured ceramic forms of pure and flowing lines are combined with metallic structures and organic materials such as cork and wood in a palette of light and dark tones that represent the contrasting colors of the coastal landscape. From this boarder between the water and the land, the German designer has developed a collection of tableware perfect not only for presenting dishes with this coastal theme but also for the presentation of gastronomic experiences of various cuisines and cultures.

    The RODA collection was created by the Portuguese designer Torres Euracini, and is inspired by the "Circle of Friends". Naming the author, this collection aims to "bring everyone together at the table... in a circle of friends, we awaken the delight of meeting flavors, experiences and stories of companionship made of emotions and shared memories. Time well spent with moments of pure happiness and culinary delights… the next dish follows; the next story comes.” All the pieces of this collection are produced in the best and most resistant stoneware and have special and organic shapes suitable for the demanding hospitality use due to its high level of resistance and performance. The five visual variants of RODA offer a wide range of possibilities to accommodate the best flavors of all seasons, masterfully created by the artists of fine dining and subtle taste. Fish and seafood dishes, meat and vegetables, among others dishes, find in this collection a special support for the irreverent success of the innovation and detail of the great chefs.

    At COSTA NOVA, we create our tableware collections with the same passion and motivation as Chefs and caterers create their culinary masterpieces. The unique characteristics of our fine stoneware products, combined with its original design, functionality and durability make our brand a reference in the gastronomy segment, with customers located in over 50 countries around the world. These new collections aim to provide professionals in this industry with an efficient experience of performance and aesthetics at the highest level.

    About the authors

    Born in 1966 in Berlin, Carsten Gollnick is a reference of quality, innovation and aesthetic improvement in the culture of objects. His professional career is guided by numerous collaborations with companies and brands of excellence, museum pieces and a list with more than 80 awards and distinctions. The Notos collection is the first partnership developed with COSTA NOVA.
    Born near the Atlantic, Torres Euracini has decades of experience in the ceramic industry and with numerous achievement (mostly anonymously) accomplished throughout the world. The RODA collection is his first signature-collection.

    COSTA NOVA, a Portuguese brand recognized for the originality and exceptional quality of its fine stoneware products, presents its new portfolio for 2019 at Maison & Objet Paris and Ambiente, in Frankfurt. 
    The BRISA and LUZIA tableware collections are the two great reveals for 2019, along with the new collection of decorative items LE JARDIN, designed by the prestigious floral designer Christian Tortu. 
    The brand will also unveil two exclusive signature collections for the hospitality industry at the Ambiente show in February. 
    Altogether, COSTA NOVA will reveal in the two of the most important stages of the sector more than a hundred new products divided into table, kicthen, accessories and decorative categories, representing one of the biggest portfolios ever for the brand. 

  • 09-11-2018Costa Nova abre su primera tienda en Lisboa

    Localizada en la Rua Castilho, la nueva tienda COSTA NOVA (que es también un showroom profesional) da a conocer todas las colecciones de la marca y su universo, pero también ofrece a los clientes nuevos servicios, como la posibilidad de crear listas de boda y personalizar pedidos con entrega a domicilio.

    La cocina funcional del espacio promete también la realización de workshops, show cookings y pequeños eventos relacionados con el lifestyle de la marca.

    Apertura al público: 16 de noviembre


    Tienda Lisboa
    Rua Castilho, 69, Lj. Esq,, 1250-068 Lisboa
    Lunes a sábado: 10h00-14h00/ 15h00-19h00
    (diciembre 2018: lunes a domingo 10h00-14h00/ 15h00-19h00)

  • 04-09-2018COSTA NOVA de vuelta à la Maison & Objet Paris - Set. 2018
    Venga a visitarnos y descubrir nuestras novedades!

  • 23-08-2018COSTA NOVA is excited to announce a partnership with Flower School New York
    Founded in 2003 by Creative Director Eileen Johnson, FlowerSchool New York is the most prestigious center for the floral arts in New York City. This collaboration is also extended to Flower School Los Angeles.
    The partnership reflects both projects love for table floral design and aims to increase the exchange of ideas and expertise. LA and NY students will now have the opportunity to create beautiful table decorations using a wide selection of COSTA NOVA tableware and decorative pieces. 

    (In the photo, Christian Tortu – the designer responsible for Riviera, teaches a class at Flower School New York. Photo courtesy of the School)


  • 05-07-2018Summer Giveaway 2018

    Campaign Rules:

    1. COSTA NOVA will only consider images that comply with the rules 1, 2 and 3 presented on the poster

    2. Campaign valid until September 15 and open internationally (except the USA)

    3. Selection times: 2 photos August 15th, 2 photos August 30th  and 2 photos September 15th  (announcement on COSTA NOVA’s website and social media)

    4. The 6 winners will be contacted later by COSTA NOVA (after September 15)

    5. Participants confirm they are 18+ years of age and agree to Instagram’s and Facebook’s Terms of Use

    Congratulations to all 7 winners! It was not easy and so we selected not 6 but 7 #summerstories.
    A special thank you to all the other participants. Many more #stories will come!

  • 07-05-2018COSTA NOVA en vedette à Sleep In Porto 2018
  • 25-09-2017Costa Nova Meeting Points 2018 - USA

    January 9 – 16, 2018
    Werner Frank Building 2 #1200

    January 17 – 23, 2018
    Goetz Inc. Trade Mark #2000
    January 18 - 22, 2018
    Debi Wise & Associates #803

    January 28 – February 1, 2018
    Costa Nova Permanent Showroom #C139
    NY NOW

    February 4 – 7, 2018 
    Javits Center, NYC #3420
  • 01-08-2017COSTA NOVA de vuelta a Maison & Objet Paris y Intergift Madrid
    Entramos en la nueva temporada empeñados en sorprenderlo con nuestras novedades en gres fino y colecciones de accesorios de alta calidad.
    ¡Esperamos por su visita en Paris y Madrid!

  • 28-06-2017Costa Nova Beach Club
    El mejor spot de Verano es en la playa de la Costa Nova en Ílhavo, Portugal! 
    Disfruta de la playa, del sol, reuna tus amigos, mira el atardecer y crea memorias increíbles!
    ¡Descubre más aquí!






  • 08-05-2017Costa Nova Meeting Points 2017 - USA

    August 20 - 23
    Booth #3420


    July 30 – August 2
    Costa Nova Permanent Showroom, #C139

    July 20 - 24
    Debi Wise & Associates, #803


    July 11 - 18
    Werner Frank Building 2, #1200


    June 20 - 26
    Goetz Inc Trade Mart #2000

    Esperamos por su visita!
  • 16-02-2017Costa Nova en Mercado do Vilar
    Espaço t va a presentar, del 4 al 5 de Marzo una nueva edición del "Mercado de Vilar: Oportunidades de Sonhar". 
    Algunas de las marcas más importantes de Portugal, incluindo Costa Nova, colaborarán con esta campaña de recaudación de fondos, que ha estado trabajando durante 20 años en el uso del arte como un proceso terapéutico en la integración social.

  • 06-02-2017COSTA NOVA - Ambiente 2017
    Emocionantes colecciones de vajilla y accesorios en gres fino de alta calidad, complementadas con líneas de cubertería, cristalería y mantelería, serán exhibidas en Frankfurt, con especial énfasis en la colección RIVIERA, diseñada por el prestigioso diseñador floral francés Christian Tortu.
    Venga a visitarnos del 10 al 14 de febrero de 2017!

  • 01-02-2017Colección Riviera en destaque en el Hotel Plaza en Nueva York
    Poco después de su lanzamiento en la feria Maison&Objet Paris, la colección Riviera se ha destacado en lo icónico Plaza Hotel en Nueva York, en una cena exclusiva organizada por la NYC Flower School of Design. 
    Una oportunidad excelente y prestigiosa para presentar no sólo la colección, pero también nuestra marca en el mercado norteamericano.

  • 31-01-2017COSTA NOVA en la fería NY NOW
    Emocionantes colecciones de vajilla y accesorios en gres fino de alta calidad, complementadas con líneas de cubertería, cristalería y mantelería, serán exhibidas en esta fería, siguiendo las últimas tendencias para la próxima temporada.
    Venga a visitarnos del 5 al 8 de febrero de 2017 en el Javits Center, NYC, stand 3408. 

    COSTA NOVA, a Portuguese brand recognized for outstanding quality and unique products in fine stoneware, unveils brand-new collection of tableware – RIVIERA – designed by prestigious floral designer Christian Tortu.

    Exhibited for the very first time this January at Maison & Objet Paris, the new Christian Tortu collection is inspired by the Riviera, the famous French and Italian region. This coastline has always been a haven for artists, attracted by its unmatched light. With their minds on holiday, they have often broached decorative arts all the while relying on unique traditional know-how. Thinking of them has given birth to the Riviera collection, a modest tribute to their tremendous talent.
    This collection, a full dinner set and decorative pieces, is designed by the maestro of the floral arrangements by imagining this moments we share, when tables are being set where we will eat and drink, talk about the world or simply dream. By mixing shapes and colors of the Riviera landscape, Christian Tortu created a captivating collection, with a unique style, able to transcribe the sublime faces of this region. 
    This promise of gentleness, fragrances and colors, ever changing as the hours of the day go by, has been translated to tableware with COSTA NOVA, who is always looking to expand its range of collections to keep on surprising the customers and stay ahead of the latest trends.
    About Christian Tortu

    There is a long list of compliments: legend, maestro, magician or star of haute bouture. Yet Christian Tortu insists, he is a modest flower designer. Nonetheless, he is best known for single-handedly challenging the way the world sees flowers. Christian Tortu mixes flowers, plants, vegetables and fruits in unexpected arrangements that strip away artifice and offer direct interpretations of nature. 
    Drawing on the pure elements, his collection of vases, scented items, dishes or home accessories are designed to bring happiness and make everyday life a little sweeter and more beautiful. 
    Today, his creations can be found in boutiques around the world and his floral scenography has been featured at famous events such as catwalks for Chanel, Dior and Valentino. Alternatively, he shows his talent at special events or during master and private classes around the world.
    More information at: 

    About COSTA NOVA

    COSTA NOVA is a Portuguese brand dedicated to designing and manufacturing tableware and accessories made of fine stoneware from the best natural resources in Portugal. Since the beginning COSTA NOVA has been committed to the highest quality, service and design standards showcasing unique, timeless and simultaneously trendy collections that reflect the European heritage in ceramics and celebrate all that is irresistibly Mediterranean: the love of enjoying life, family, friends and good food.
    More information at   @costanovatableware 

    Meet us at
    Maison & Objet Paris, 20 – 24 January, 2017
    Hall 5A — Stand P11

  • 10-01-2017COSTA NOVA está de vuelta a Maison & Objet Paris
    Emocionantes nuevas colecciones de vajilla y accesorios en gres fino de alta calidad, complementadas con líneas de cubertería, cristalería y mantelería, serán exhibidas en esta feria, siguiendo las últimas tendencias para la próxima temporada.
    Venga a visitarnos del 20 al 24 de enero de 2017 en el Parc des Expositions de Paris Nord Villepinte, hall 5ª, stand P11. 

  • 21-10-2016COSTA NOVA en HOSTELCO, Barcelona
    Los visitantes podrán apreciar nuestras colecciones en gres fino, fabricadas con los mejores recursos naturales en nuestras fábricas en Portugal, perfectamente adecuadas para el canal HORECA devido a su diseño, versatilidad y durabilidad expecional.
    Esperamos su visita en el recinto de Gran Via, Fira Barcelona, stand P2-D460.


  • 13-09-2016Bairro do Avillez – el nuevo restaurante de José Avillez en Lisboa, Portugal
    José Avillez, uno de los chefs portugueses más respetados, galardonado con dos estrellas Michelin por su restaurante Belcanto, ha abierto recientemente un nuevo espacio en el Chiado, Lisboa.
    En lo "Bairro do Avillez" podemos encontrar los mejores sabores portugueses con el toque único de lo chef y sorpresas en cada esquina - una "Mercearia" con deliciosos manjares y regalos para comprar, una "Taberna" con aperitivos increíbles y un "Páteo" donde el pescado y el marisco son los reyes.
    Y una selección de vajilla COSTA NOVA en gres fino para llevarlo todo a la mesa!

  • 25-08-2016Maison & Objet Paris - Intergift Madrid 2016
    COSTA NOVA se expone una vez más en Maison & Objet de Paris y Intergift Madrid.
    Estamos muy entusiasmados en dar a conocer nuestras últimas colecciones y nuevas gamas de textiles y cubiertos que reflejan lo mejor de la tradición artesanal Europea y el estilo de vida mediterráneo, con un diseño contemporáneo y elegante.
    Esperamos su visita!

  • 05-08-2016NY NOW 2016

    COSTA NOVA va a participar por primera vez en la feria NY NOW, en Nueva York, del 21 a la 24 de Agosto.

    Los visitantes podrán apreciar el concepto de "tradición contemporánea" de nuestras colecciones, con diseño elegante e intemporal, fabricados en gres fino utilizando los mejores recursos naturales en Portugal.

    Esperamos por su visita en el Javits Center, ubicación 3408.


  • 27-05-2016Nueva champañera - colección NOVA
    Anticipando el verano, COSTA NOVA lanza una nueva champañera el la colección NOVA, best-seller de la marca.
    Con capacidad para 3 botellas, esta champañera no sólo ayuda a mantener las bebidas frescas, por las características singulares de lo grés, pero también añade un toque de elegancia a cualquier espacio o ocasión.

    Ver la colección completa aquí.


  • 03-04-2016Costa Nova en Mercado de Vilar
    Espaço t va a presentar, del 5 al 6 de Marzo una nueva edición del "Mercado de Vilar: Oportunidades de Sonhar". 
    Algunas de las marcas más importantes de Portugal colaborarán con esta campaña de recaudación de fondos, que ha estado trabajando durante 20 años en el uso del arte como un proceso terapéutico en la integración social.

  • 23-10-2015Colección Lisboa
    Vajilla producida en gres fino en Portugal, inspirada en los azulejos del sur de la Europa de los siglos XVIII y XIX, existentes en las fachadas de muchos edificios emblemáticos de norte a sur de Portugal.
    Ver la colección completa aquí.

  • 16-07-2015Costa Nova meeting points - Septiembre 2015
    Venga a visitarnos y mire las nuevas colecciones que vamos a presentar.
    Colecciones textiles que utilizan materiales naturales y orgánicos, que son actuales y que combinan perfectamente con nuestro gres.
    Colecciones llamativas para el uso diario.

  • 13-05-2015Restaurant Lupulo - Nueva Iorque
    George Mendes, el chef galardonado con una estrella Michelin por el restaurante "Aldea", en Nueva York, abre el bar portugués de cerveza "Lupulo" en Chelsea, Nueva York. 
    El restaurante sigue el modelo de las tabernas portuguesas, conocidas como "cervejarias" en Lisboa, con azulejos azules y blancos hechos a mano y los acentos de madera rústica.
    Menú clásico portugués con mariscos y carnes en horno de leña, servido en platos de Costa Nova.

  • 06-01-2015Costa Nova Meeting Points - 2015
    INTERGIFT Madrid - Janeiro 14-18, Stand 1C06

    MAISON & OBJET Paris - Janeiro 23-27, Stand 3C48

    AMBIENTE Frankfurt - Fevereiro 13-17, Stand 4.2B12

    MAISON & OBJET Asia - Março 10-13, Stand L22-M21

    MAISON & OBJET Americas - Maio 12-15

    INTERIOR LIFESTYLE Tokyo - Junho 10-12

    MAISON & OBJET Paris - Setembro 04-08

    INTERGIFT Madrid - Setembro 09-13


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